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A Thesis Proposal
Submitted to the Faculty of
Informatics International College Diliman
Quezon City

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degrees of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and
Advance Diploma in Computing Studies – Multimedia

Chua, Michelle, BSIT
Sanchez, Jerhic, BSIT
Suzuki, Fuminori, ADCS-M
Pedrosa, Von Erich, ADCS-M

2nd Term 2012-2013
May 20, 2012

Mr. Victor Thomas R. Galang
Hubbyte Toy Store Owner
#57/68 - E-Life ETON Cyberpod Corinthians,
Ortigas Extension, Pasig City

Dear Mr. Galang:

Our thesis requirement for the ADCS/BSIT (Informatics International College Diliman) is to administer survey questionnaire to selected employees who are our target participants for this research study entitled (BUSINESS WEB PORTAL FOR THE HUBBYTE TOYS AND COLLECTIBLES).

In this connection, please grant me the permission to conduct the above research to selected employees of your company. With high hope that this study will extend service to your management, we wish to communicate the results and work for possible interventions to serve the needs of the said employees. My deepest gratitude for the consideration and support you have extended. God Bless.

Yours truly,

Michelle Chua

Jerhic Sanchez

Fuminori Suzuki

Von Erich Pedrosa

We are Information Technology Students of Informatics International College Diliman. We are currently developing a website for Hubbyte Toy Store, one of the leading in figure stores in the Philippines.

This survey will take about 5 minutes. The responses from this survey will be used to improve the functionality of the Hubbyte website. Rest assured that all your answers will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

I. Profile of the Respondent:
Name (optional) ____________________________
Gender: ○ Male○ FemaleAge: ________

II. Questionnaire Proper:...
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