Shi Tao

Topics: People's Republic of China, Human rights, Law Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Question 1:- Should Yahoo! Have provided information on Shi Tao to theChinese government? Why or why not?Answer: -The Chinese subsidiary of Yahoo!, i.e. Yahoo China had no choice but tocomply with local laws. Hence, I would say that even if they dint’ want to share theinformation, they had no other choice. Yahoo was attacked by both sides of politics forcomplying with a request under Chinese law, in China, to provide information on apolitical dissident. Yahoo knew that when it comes to China there are very few who willcome to the defense of those who deal with the Chinese Government. Yahoo’s actionsmight have been in part wrong morally, but legally they have done nothing wrong, and ina global economy this is even truer.The manager also believed that failure to comply with the request could put YahooChina’s employees at risk of prosecution, and it might have imperiled Yahoo China’slicense to do the business. It was possible to raise the issue with lawyers and executivesat Yahoo headquarters in the U.S, but the manager worried that even if the response wasin their favor, employees might still be at risk.Moreover, in 2002 Yahoo signed a “public pledge on self-discipline for the ChineseInternet Industry”. The pledge required Internet-related businesses to agree to variousforms of censorship in the name of state security and social stability.Yahoo had done nothing more than obey the lawful authority of the Chinese government.Just like any other global company, Yahoo must ensure that its local country sites mustoperate within the laws, regulations and customs of the country in which they are based.The executive team at Yahoo may be on shaky moral ground, but legally they have donenothing more than be a good corporate citizen, no matter which country they operate in. Question 2 :- What were Yahoo’s responsibilities in the situation ?Answer: -Yahoo was sued by the World Organization for Human Rights for sharinginformation about its users with the Chinese government. The...
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