Sherman Computer Repair

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Sherman Computer Repair New Direction
Tom Dyer
September 3, 2012

Sherman Computer Repair New Direction
The Sherman Computer Repair company has aspirations to become a larger company that deals on more than just repairs, they want to be an assembly company as well. For Sherman Computer Repair to accomplish this, they will need to look at using some innovation, creativity, and new organization design work.

In order for the changes to occur, so that Sherman Computer Repair can begin a new chapter, they will have to embrace changes. Innovation produces changes that are essential to survival of the company. (Davila, 2006) With innovation and creativity leading the way, the Sherman Company will have to reorganize and restructure the current processes; which would include new equipment, employee training, and new technologies. In making the changes the company will have the opportunity to do employee training, come up with new strategies and make changes to the business structure, encompassing the company strengths and making changes to the weaknesses. This paper will show how these things will happen and how the current organizational design will change including the possible barriers and changes planned to make the company successful. Sherman Computer Repair Organizational Design

Currently, Sherman Computer Repair has three locations where their customers can bring in broken computer hardware for repairs. Each location has a manager, a receptionist, and three computer repair technicians. Sherman Computer Repair also employees 12 home service technicians, for servicing customer computers at home. Sherman Computer Repair currently has a working functional design, each unit works with the other units at a different job but as one company. Using skillsets to take care of customers and move the company forward. The skills used by the employees are service related and customer service knowledge. Sherman Computer Repair Company also has an organizational structure that is functional, when it pertains to their functional structure the departments work independently but they still work towards a common goal. Sherman’s functional design is a hierarchy-based structure, with common barriers that can have an effect on all aspects of the company’s functional structure. Possible areas that can be affected are communication and coordination, should there be problems with communication or coordination it could prevent the company from initiating and using new technologies. Barriers can prevent Sherman Computer Repair Company from reaching the goals that have been set; to prevent this Sherman will have to work at developing new technologies and training to get them beyond the problems and into the new arena of coordination and communication for all the locations. “To avoid the communication problems that can arise from horizontal differentiation, organizations try to find new or better ways to integrate functions—that is, to promote cooperation, coordination, and communication among separate subunits” (Jones, 2004). Sherman Computer Repair may face another barrier that could cause problems called differentiation. “Differentiation is the process by which organizations evolve into complex systems as they allocate people and resources to organizational tasks and assign people different levels of authority” (Jones, 2004). Since Sherman is a small company the division of labor would be simple, but other problems could occur as with any company undergoing changes, especially if the company is looking to grow and expand. The division of labor would eventually be more complex, as the changes and new directions came down, depending on the management structure. The management team of Sherman Computer Repair will need to decide the goals and direction for the company in order for them to become successful. It is important for management to have an organizational chart so that employees can easily...
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