Sherman Alexie Essay

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In the following short story "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me", Sherman Alexie tells his readers about his pain and suffering growing up in an Indian Reservation. Everyone was expected to follow the status quo; moronic, idiotic, and uneducated, but Alexie refused, seeing how his father read and went to school, Alexie wanted to be like his father, educated. He was strong and was not afraid of what might the other kids or parents say about him behind his back; he broke from the status quo.

Sherman Alexie grew up on an Indian Reservation in Spokane, WA. He tells us in the beginning of the story that he learned to read "...with a Superman comic book." (1). Reading that comic book is what started everything for Alexie, growing up his family was not wealthy, in fact he tells us they were "...middle-class by reservation standards." (1). His family was different among others because his father went to a Catholic school, his father adored reading from westerns, spy thrillers, murder mysteries, gangster epics, etc...he could pretty much read anything he can get his hands on to. Even though they did not have much money, his father would find ways to buy books, their whole house was full of books "...bought his books by the pound...goodwill, salvation army...Our house was filled with books...stacked in the bathrooms, bedrooms..." (2). With this habit of reading and collecting a plethora of books, this trickled down to Alexie.

Teaching himself how to read was not easy, picking up his first book and seeing those words and those words forming sentences and then forming paragraphs, was all Alexie could see. He realized that these words he is reading meant something that "...a paragraph was a fence that held words."(3). He started "...seeing the world in paragraphs..."(3). But picking up and reading the Superman comic book would change him forever. He looked at that comic book in different ways, seeing as how he could not read he just looked at the...
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