Shep Huntleigh’s Role in Blanche Du Bois’ Life

Topics: Blanche DuBois, Love, A Streetcar Named Desire Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: June 10, 2012
The ’Streetcar Named Desire’ was written by Tennessee Williams (Thomas Lainer Williams) American author, in 1947. The genre of the work is tragic drama, and it is about a woman (Blanche Du Bois) who is unable to overstep her husband’s early death and escapes to alcohol and her own fantasy world in which Shep Huntleigh is her rescuer.

The protagonist, Blanche is a cultivated, intelligent, middle-age English teacher who comes to New Orleans to visit her sister, Stella and her husband Stanley. Her attitude to Stella and Stanley’s lifestyle is disdainful in contrast to their (the Du Bois sisters’) living conditions back in Laurel, Mississippi. Her attitude to the lifestyle of Stella and Stanley is disdainful, because there is a huge contrast between the sisters childhood, and the way they live in New Orleans. This disdain makes a lot of disagreements between Blanche and Stanley, and it will be the source of their numberless quarrels during the few months while Blanche stays at their house. Williams gives a quiet detailed picture of Blanche’s mental fall. Blanche went through a number of sad things that led to her lunacy but basically, in my opinion, her madness roots in the guilt she feels because her husband’s death. She got married at the age of sixteen with a boy who used to write her love poems. She was madly in love with him but Allen was homosexual. When Blanche found this out she told him he disgusted her. Allen committed suicide with a revolver. They were in a bar when that happened. Polka sounded. The recurring Polka symbolizes Blanche’s insanity because she hears it occasionally in her head. Later, Blanche considers herself as the cause of Allen’s death and feels remorse. Another cause of her problems is that she lost her parents and their plantation, Belle Reve. She was left alone by Stella who moved to the city to start a new life. Then she had to leave the school she taught at, because of a love-affair with a seventeen-year-old boy. She lived in cheap...
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