Shenyang: An Important Industrial Centre

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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a)A description of the learner’s cultural and social background (i) The learner’s mother tongue and other language learning experience The student who I selected to use for my learner profile is a 37 year old Chinese woman called Li Hong ( who likes to be known as Li Li ) Hunt. Lili comes from Shenyang ( please see appendix (i) “Map of China” Illuminated in luminous green) which is a sub-provincial city and capital of Liaoning province in Northeast China . The city was also known as Shengjing or Fengtianfu. Shenyang was first used by the Manchu people as capital in the 17th century and is today the biggest city in northeastern China. Along with its nearby cities Shenyang is an important industrial centre in China, and the transportation and commercial centre of China’s northeastern region-particularly with Japan, Russia and Korea. A titan of heavy industry since the 1930’s , Shenyang has been diversifying its industry and now has a solid industrial foundation, a good land and air transport network , many valuable natural resources and a skilled workforce.

People native to Shenyang spseak the Shenyang dialect, a variant of Northeastern Mandarin. The Shenyang Dialect is very similar to the other Northeastern Dialects and it is also very close to the Standard Mandarin dialect but had some very distinctive words that the standar Manarin doesn’t. Some people prefer to think of it a strong accent rather than a different dialect. As a result of its similarity to Standard Mandarin, pinyin can by used to represent the pronunciation. However as schools in Shenyang teach Standard Mandarin, usage of the local language is dwindling. Many now see it as a sign of bad education and something to look down upon, which explains why Li Li kept saying to me “ I speak very goooda Chinese” when I asked her if she spoke Cantonese or Mandarin. She seemed to want to impress on me that she spoke a very high level of Chinese and that this was a highly respected skill in...
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