Shelter-Legal Studies

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Shelter Report
A structure that provides privacy and protection from danger •Protective covering that provides protection from the weather •Temporary housing for homeless or displaced persons.
Australian governments have indicated that they do not consider it to be the governments responsibility to provide housing for all its citizens, seeing the provision of shelter as an individual responsibility. Despite this attitude they have endeavoured to assist the disadvantaged to varying degrees over the years through the establishment of the Department of Housing and through legislation. The Department of housing provides and manages public housing to enable those with a low or moderate income to obtain shelter. Government-funded personnel, including interpreters, are available to facilitate advice on rights, buying and renting. Legislation protects the rights of purchasers, vendors, landlords and tenants.

Shelter options
Private Rental Housing- Housing owned by a person or corporation and rented to another person usually on a market basis. Community Housing- managed by community organisations called community housing associations Aboriginal Housing- owned by either Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) or Aboriginal corporations, including Local Aboriginal Land Counsils. Co-operative Housing- managed by organisations of tenants.

Residential Parks- comprise of caravans, manufactured homes and other moveable dwellings. Public Housing- owned or managed by the NSW Department of Housing There are 400 services in NSW funded under the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program that provide accommodation and other forms of support to homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless.

Shelter Law
There is no single area of the law that deals with shelter. The law relating to shelter is spread across a number of different areas of the law. Under human rights the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the International Covenant on Economic Social and...
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