Shell Gas Station Kalaw Facilities Analysis

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Shell Kalaw’s canapy is well-lighted and its height clearance is high enough to be seen at a distance and accommodate vertical clearance of large vehicles such as cargo trucks. The material used help in the illumination of the station. However, the material used for the canopy is hardiflex. Since the Philippines is within the typhoon belt and is often visited by storms, spandrels, which is a stronger material, may be used.

City ordinance sets the distance of the road approach. Establishments should comply with a 6 meter set-back if there is widening plan in the future. If there is none, a 3 meter set-back is acceptable. Looking at the current setback set-up of the Shell Kalaw is less than 3 meters and this distance is less than the required.

“Site lighting of gas stations and convenience stores should enhance the visual process of users while providing the following: illuminance levels appropriate for the visual task, reasonable uniformity ratios, and minimal glare and light trespass”. ( The station is well lit. The materials used for the provided appropriate illumination. The lighting was just right. SIGNAGE:

The station has a small store. However there is no space for parking. Customers who may want to purchase items from the store would have to park at the filling up area.


In US and Canada, the government requires gas stations to include plants in their layout plan. DENR also prescribes plant boxes not only for aesthetic purpose but for environmental reason as well. Since plants produce oxygen, it help absorb fuel fumes and emissions from pumps and vehicles.
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