Sheffield Theatre Case

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Sheffield Theatres Trust Case



Kim Hielkema
Anneke de Jong
Lisanne van der Meer
Nadine Schol

Leeuwarden, 8th May 2009
Case 1; Sheffield Theatre Trust

Date:8th May 2009

Sponsor:Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden


Tutor:Hilda Koops

Name:Kim Hielkema

Name:Anneke de Jong

Name:Lisanne van der Meer

Name:Nadine Schol


This report exists of an analysis about a theatre company, named Sheffield Theatres Trust (STT) For our study Leisure Management at Stenden University Leeuwarden, we have to make an assignment for the module Strategic Management. This assignment exists of a case about a leisure company in Sheffield to understand the micro environment and the internal organzational environment better. We like to thank our tutor Ms. Koops for all her information and answers on questions we asked her.

This report exists of 6828 words.

Lisanne van der Meer
Kim Hielkema
Anneke de Jong
Nadine Schol

Stenden University, Leeuwarden

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Definition problem and research questions6
1.1Summary of the case6
1.2Problem statement7
1.3Research questions7
1.4The current strategy of STT8
Chapter 2 Strategic position9
2.1STT’s strategic capability9
2.2STT’s environment13
2.3STT’s expectations and purposes15
Chapter 3 Alternative courses of action19
Chapter 4 Decision and reasoning21
Chapter 5 Implementation23


Sheffield Theatre Trust is an awardwinning company and has been quite succesfull for several years. At the moment STT deals with a few problems which cause a decrease in attendence rates. With this case the current problems of STT will be evaluated. Next to that, the five most suitable solutions will be presented.

Through the following problem statement, How can the strategic position of Sheffield Theatre Trust (STT) influence the satisfaction and expectation of the stakeholders, the internal and external environment of STT will be researched. After this research the five most suitable solutions will be given. From that point the two best possabilities will be compared next to eachother and for the final solution an implementation plan will be presented.

Chapter 1Definition problem and research questions

1.1Summary of the case

Sheffield Theatre Trust (STT) counts to one of the 500 major leading theatre trusts in the UK. Nevertheless, the success of Sheffield Theatre Trust was not always that good. They had to survive some difficulties before it became an award winning organization.

Sheffield Theatre Trust is a fundamental company; it produces its own productions and employs its own artists. Besides that, STT is unique in the theatre business, because of the fact that it produces high-quality theatre, co-produce and presents independent productions all in one complex.

In the beginning years of STT the theatre was separated in three buildings. In 1971, the Crucible Theatre opened and is a producing theatre on a non-profit base. The Lyceum was reopened in 1990 and is a commercial theatre which mainly hosts touring theatres. The third theatre complex is the Studio which stages chamber and drama music. The main source of income is through the box office, which is supported by public subsidy from local authority and Yorkshire arts.

In 1991 a crisis became a fact. There became a drastic fall in Crucible box office receipts after the reopening of Lyceum. The attendances were going to the Lyceum instead of the Crucible. Beside that there was emerged...
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