She Stoops to Conquer

Topics: Charles Marlow, Lord Jim Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: May 23, 2013
sheAct 1, Scene 2 Summary
In the neighborhood pub, Tony and his drinking companions sing a rowdy song. When they are done, the Landlord comes in and says there are two lost travelers outside looking for directions to get to Mr. Hardcastle's residence. Tony tells the Landlord to send them in to him. Tony then tells his friends to go away so they will not ruin the joke he is planning. The Landlord shows Marlow and Hastings in and comments on how lost the two travelers are. Hastings reminds Marlow that if he had not been so shy they would have stopped for directions and arrived at their destination much sooner. Tony approaches Marlow and Hastings. He says that he has heard they are looking for Mr. Hardcastle. When they confirm his assumption, he gives them an artificially complicated set of directions. When Marlow and Hastings comment that it will be impossible to find the...



Act III is set solely in Hardcastle's home.
Hardcastle enters alone, confused over what his friend Charles Marlow meant by describing the young Marlow as modest, considering the young man's behavior thus far. Hardcastle is particularly worried that the behavior will put off his daughter.

Kate enters, in a plain dress per her father's wishes, and both express their shock at how different Marlow is from his or her expectations. Of course, Kate is confused over his modesty (expecting impudence), and Hardcastle over his impudence (expecting modesty). They realize the contradiction but Hardcastle does see they both know enough to "reject him," a decision Kate approves unless she can reveal him to be more pleasing to each of them than they yet realize. Hardcastle finds such an outcome unlikely, but grants her license to attempt to correct his first impression, assuming her desire to do so is only because she thinks he is good-looking, and so wants to find something to like in his character. They leave, and Tony rushes on, holding the casket containing Constance's jewels....
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