She Shall Not Be Moved

Topics: Racism, Black people, SEAT Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: December 25, 2011
She shall not be moved

1. Write a summary of ”She shall not be moved”

The story is about two white old women who are sitting in some fold-up seats in the pram space in a bus. A Somali woman is standing with her pram squashed tightly up against the aisle. The two women see her but they do not move and instead they pretend that they have not seen anything even though the narrator makes them aware of that there are other free seats.

The narrator is sitting in another seat with her young daughter Mariam, and just observes without interfering.

The bus driver who is also black shouts at the Somali woman and orders her to fold up the pram but she refuses. In the end the two women leaves the bus and the Somali woman shouts out “racists” after them. The narrator helps the Somali woman to get her pram of the bus and says that she should report the driver for taking the white women’s part, but the Somali woman says that he is just a slave.

2. Characterize the narrator

The narrator is a black, polite, sensible and helpful person. She also raises her daughter, Mariam, the same way and teaches her not to let anyone walk over her just because they are white, stronger or richer.

She also teaches Mariam to be against violence and bullying. At home she has political posters and slogans all over her house, and one of them is a speech of a German priest, Martin Neumuller who is against Hitler.

The narrator is upset at herself because she is not sticking up to the Somali woman, and because she is not saying anything to the women nor to the driver.

3. Comment on the kind of conflict the narrator experiences

The conflict that the narrator experiences is about apartheid which stands for racism and discrimination, because the two white women are just sitting in the fold-up seats in the pram space even though they know that the Somali woman, who is standing with her pram, needs the pram space. But they do not move just because she is black.

The bus...
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