“She Loved to Describe the Trappings of Luxury to Display Rich Scenery in Rich Language”. Discuss This Statement in Relation to Three Carter Stories.

Topics: Sense, The Reader, Short story Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Throughout all Angela Carter stories She loved to describe the trappings of luxury to display rich scenery in rich language. Her use of language to produce a luxurious setting is present in three of the stories within The Bloody chamber. These are, The Lady in the house of love, The Bloody Chamber and The Tigers bride. 
Within The lady in the house of love we are first shown the effects of texture of the luxurious materials which is present in the house. This is something which is common within Carters stories. “Heavy velvet curtains keep out every leak of natural light” This implies that something is hidden behind the curtains. As why would such a luxurious natural like be kept out of a room. This also suggests that luxurious nature is not aloud to enter man made property. 
We are again shown the use of light and dark when Carter explains the setting “At the mauvish beginnings of evening” This conveys rich language which is used to show the setting and also it gives the reader a sense of colour when reading the story. This helps the reader to imagine what the beast is seeing within the story. To present the luxurious nature of which The lady of the house of love is set in we a given a historical refernece which we can picture in our minds about what the setting is like. “Carpathian crossroads” This implies the oldness of the village which conveys more acient history to the village. This creates the gothic theme for the story. The luxury rich language which is used here conveys the historical setting which Carter wants to convey in this story. 
Another current use of luxury language which Carter uses is eccentric language. In The lady of the house of love we read things which seem to be out of the ordinary. “ In the centre is and elaborate catafalque, in ebony” This implies the luxurious setting which the story is set because of the use of the luxurious materials used. Yet it is also conveying that there an eccentric object which is not normally to be shown in...
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