She's the One

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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She’s The One For Me
Most people remember the time when they used to be teenagers, the way they looked at and thought about the opposite sex. It was the time when all that mattered were friends and having fun. Teenagers have all something in common, something they all think about and dream. It’s the life they haven’t discovered yet, but familiar with, either from TV’s or books; the life that may bring many unexpected surprises as they grow older. Sooner or later many go through the harsh realization of the real world compared to the one they had in mind. It’s like a line that separates the reality from the world teenagers live in until the moment they experience that transition which then introduces them to the adult real world. In Joyce Carol Oates’ novel “Where are you going, Where have you been?” the main character is one example of a teenage girl who faces dramatic changes in her life as she awakes from her dream world.

Connie is a teenage girl of age fifteen. As any other typical girl of her age, she’s very concerned about her looks and they way people look at her. She sure likes to have her best friend’s father drop them off at a shopping plaza so that they can wander around the store or see a movie. Every time she and her friends are around crowded places, she can’t help but glance around to see if someone’s is looking at her; because she knows she has a pretty face unlike her sister that she seems to be ashamed of. Once she said to her friends, “She makes me want to throw up sometimes.” Connie leads a two side life. She is one person at home and totally another outside of it. She doesn’t bother keeping her room clean because she thinks it’s her sister’s duty to do the household chore as she is not as near good looking as herself. Her mind is occupied with dreams about boys and life outside the place she is currently at and she can’t wait to get out of that house and breathe the air that will remind her of another life that...
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