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Topics: Childhood, Youth, Developmental psychology Pages: 7 (2765 words) Published: February 24, 2013
CU1531 Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings.

(1.1)Write a job description of your work role, this can be a list of things you do with a brief explanation.

In this assignment, I am writing about the duties and responsibilities of my role as a nanny.

I am working as a nanny who has sole charge responsibility for the care and safety of two children. My duties include all those relating to the care of the children including daily routines such as meal times, toileting, dressing and bath time, taking the children out and organising fun, safe, stimulating activities. I ensure that routines are kept - e.g. attending pre-school, ballet, swimming lessons, and playgroups. My responsibilities highlight to the parents any issues associated with the children's health, events that may have occurred during my care and any issues or messages from pre-school. In view of the children's ages I am required to concentrate on areas of development and plan relevant activities that are suitable. This may include colouring, painting, imaginative play, reading to the children, playing trains or in the recent weather building a snowman. My typical day involves a balance of play, getting out and about with the children, maintaining routines and ensuring the children’s nutritional needs are met. I maintain a certain level of  discipline with the children and I am responsible in executing the standards that the children's parents expect. For example good table manners and house rules such as no throwing, hitting, kicking, being kind and considerate are areas that we discuss and that I uphold. Occasionally the parents are away with work and during those times I will have sole charge which would also include an overnight stay. I thus acts as in loco parentis and ensures that we are updated as to the children’s welfare and day’s events on those infrequent occasions. My role also includes taking responsibility for some household duties whilst the parents are working these include putting away the family internet shopping, noting those food or household items that are needed in the next week’s shop, sorting and putting away laundry, and generally maintaining the upkeep of the house. In my job, I am required to be respectful towards the other people I am working with and be professional at all times. I need to be enthusiastic and encouraging towards the children, be organised, and to show that I am interested in the children and their parents. I work closely with the children’s parents to ensure a safe environment for the children. I encourage creative and imaginative thinking, follow rules and guidelines that have been set in the home and always set a good example to the children. Keep information confidential and away in a cupboard. Communicate and use correct body language toward the children and always have good hygiene and be on time to work.By being professional, I am showing the employer that I am reliable and respectful toward other people swell as organised,capable, honest and trustworthy. I am showing the children how to be organised and I am encouraging them to develop, expand their minds, and meet developmental targets through play and creative activities.

(1.2)Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards. All home based child carers are regulated by Ofsted which is the Office for Standards in Education in the UK. Every home based child carer needs to meet certain criteria and pass certain courses and qualifications before they can even apply for registration as a home based child carer or nanny. I also need to have had successful CRB checks and a current Certificate in First Aid which I need to renew every 3years, and knowledge of child development. In my work I ensure the children are safe in their environment - being protected from harm and neglect and growing up to become independent individuals who are able to think for and able to...
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