Shc31 Written Assignment

Topics: Childhood, Reggio Emilia approach, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: January 8, 2013
SHC31 Assignment
L.O. 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate
People communicate in work settings:
- to work together with others more effectively, to plan activities, and to plan and set up the indoor and outdoor environments to best benefit the children or young people’s development. Every morning the indoor and outdoor environments need to be set up for the children to work and play in, and the practitioners need to communicate so they all know what the other is doing and work together to set up the environment to be as effective as possible and so it meets the needs of each child.

- so information can be appropriately and necessarily shared between colleagues, parents/carers, different professionals and the child/young person. If there’s an accident or incident at the setting that involves a child, then a practitioner would need to tell the child’s parent. If a parent tells you information regarding the child’s health and development or safety, then the child’s key person or other professionals would need to be told, so that everyone working with the child knows all the information they need to so they can help the child as best as they can. -so children and young people can communicate effectively with adults, and feel that the adults will pay attention and will cope with their needs effectively. For instance if a child is dyslexic they can have extra help or a helper to help them to read, or if the parent is dyslexic then a practitioner could offer information about classes or support that the parents can get or take if they want to. If a child is physically disabled in some way, the environment can be adapted to meet their needs. -to create and maintain a trusting relationship and to offer support. This allows the key person working with the child to know all relevant information, so they can use that information for the benefit of the child and to support the child and their family. A child’s key person can get to know the child...
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