Shc 31 1.1

Topics: Communication, Writing, Linguistics Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: March 3, 2013
SHC 31
Within this section I shall be identifying the different reasons why people communicate. There are seven main types of communication, touch, verbal, written, behaviour, visual, sign language or gestures and body language. Each of these methods of communication has its advantages and its disadvantages, each are also done in a slightly different way. Touch can be something as simple as a hug or a pat on the back, this action tends to offer reassurance and comfort, however, it could also be a sign to tell a person to start or to gain their attention. A conversation cannot just be touch, it is normally an addition to a conversation which helps to give the right information. Verbal communication is normally talking, this can be done in a range of different ways. Raised voices tend to express anger whilst quiet voices tend to express anxiety. If a person were feeling happy then they may talk fast and in a slightly louder voice than normal. Verbal communication can be used on its own, as it is done through phone calls. However, it is best when matched with other forms of communication because, people can often misunderstand what is meant when just verbal communication is used.. Written communication can be done in the form of letters or, more commonly in today’s society, emails. When written communication is presented it tends to be presented on its own. There is a strong likelihood that it will be misinterpreted, for example, if a person were to write something in capital letters then they may find that their misinterpreted and the person they are communicating to thinks that they are angry, whilst they may mean that they are excited or wish to point something out. A persons behaviour can be a form of communication. If that person was quieter than normal it may represent sadness. This is not always an actuate way to communicate with others as many people do not outwardly express their emotions, or they change depending whom they are with. Visual...
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