Shc 23

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Egalitarianism Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Task 1:

Diversity is to recognize and understand the large variety of characteristics that make individuals unique. In an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and group achievements Equality is when all children have the chance to do something that will have an impact on their future, children are not the same, they are all unique and we cannot try to make them all equal, but we can give them the chance to have equal opportunities which is suited to their own needs. Inclusion is the process of making each child and their family included in the setting, taking into account the families diversity’s this also means that the families of the children should feel welcomes and valued in the setting. Discrimination is treating somebody different because of their background, the colour of their skin or hair, their traditions or way of life, their disability, their gender, their social background or their family structure. Discrimination can stop children from having equal opportunities or can stop them from progressing and experiencing their success. Discrimination can occur at anytime and anyplace but in a setting discrimination can happen between any people, it could be that the setting does not allow certain backgrounds or as an example all the staff are white because of the fact they don’t take on anyone with a different skin colour, discrimination can also occur between two members of staff, for an example someone could treat another person different because of something they don’t believe in, there could also be some discrimination between a member of staff and a child, for the same reasons as any other people. Promoting equality can be done by giving all children an equal opportunity to develop and learn prevents the chances of discrimination, this doesn’t mean treating them all the same, just giving them all the same chance and the same opportunity, you can do this by treating them all individually but with equal concern. Children may have to be...
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