Shc 22: Introduction to Personal Development in Heath, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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SHC 22: Introduction to personal development in heath, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

Task 1:

Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role.
An Early Year Practitioner (or Nursery Nurse) deals especially with children during her day, not only by playing with them or reading them stories or teaching them rhymes/ songs. An Early Year Practitioner should be able to provide a programme of activities suitable for the age of the children he is taking care of. The activities shouldn’t be too easy, which sometimes could mean boring for children, or to hard, which means that they are too challenging for the children and will make them want to give up. He, then, should remember what skills the children are developing or what milestones they are near to and provide activities that can both entertain and help the child develop. The Early Year Practitioner should always keep neat and upgraded records of the children’s development, especially of the children that need more attentions. He should provide a copy to the parents or tell them if something important has happened to their child during the day. Working with the parents is one of the other duties of an Early Year Practitioner. He should upgrade them on what happens at the nursery or to their child and advise them on what they could do to help their child develop or make him feel “at home” in the nursery. He should also listen to their concerns and explain them what is happening and why, he should explain why is better to behave in a certain way with their child than in the other and keep them upgraded on what is happening at the nursery (e.g. future events, trips, activities). The Early Years Practitioner will have to deal with the rest of the staff as well, that’s why it’s important to be always professional and try to build and keep good relationships with everyone. One way to do so is take part in every staff meeting, other than being a way to know what will happen or is...
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