Shawshank Redemption vs Count of Monte Cristo

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Compare and Contrast Essay Shawshank Redemption and Count of Monte Cristo

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In the film Shawshank Redemption (SSR) the protagonist Andy Defrense is accused of killing his wife and her lover though he had no recollection of doing so and therefore he is falsely accused and imprisoned. However In the film The Count of Monte Cristo (CRC) Edmond Dantes, the protagonist is betrayed by his friends which subsequently leads him to be also falsely accused and imprisoned. After years of being incarcerated both men endured tremendous amounts of physical and mental suffering but still held a belief in the the power of hope and freedom.

The men in the film suffered great amounts in prison, although the films were not set in the same time period so one character did have a much harder time in captivity. The film Shawshank Redemption was set in the 1940's so the character Andy Dufresne had more rights as a prisoner in his time. Andy Dufresne ate mediocre food, he was able to interact with other inmates which later became his friends and can gain other privileges depending on his behaviour. Whereas the movie Count of Monte Cristo is set in the 1800's so the character Edmond Dantes suffered great amounts because at that time he did not have very many rights . He was fed extremely poor quality food through a window in the door, he was beat annually as a reminder of his imprisonment, and he was also kept in solitary confinement throughout his entire stay in the prison. In SSR Andy Dufrense is thrown into Shawshank Prison as an entirely innocent man. Before Andy was convicted he was living his life as a successful banker and Edmond Dantes in Countn of Monte Cristo was thriving as a sailor. The transition from the good life to the life of a prisoner was clearly overwhelming for both Edward Dantes and Andy Dufrense. The men were content with their lives and doing well in their occupation’s. The weight and pain that came along with the thoughts of their lives...
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