Shawshank Redemption Summary

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  • Published : November 8, 2008
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Wrongly accused of a double homicide he didn't commit, a banker named Andy

Dufrense (Tim Robbins) is sent to Shawshank Prison for life. In Prison he befriends Red

(Morgan Freeman) who is able to smuggle things from the outside. He asked Red for a

rockhammer (saying he liked geology). He later asks for a poster. After he befriends the

guards by giving them financial advice, the warden takes an interest in him. Andy builds

a prison library and helps the warden do shady financial scams. One day a newcomer

named Tommy tells Andy that in prison he talked to an inmate Ernie who said he killed a

banker's wife and her boyfriend but that it was framed on Andy. Andy tells the warden

who is skeptical. The Warden then has Tommy shot. Andy doesn't want to help the

warden with his scam anymore but the warden blackmails him into further help by

threatening to destroy the library. One morning, Andy is gone. The Guards search his cell

and eventually find that he dug his way out of the wall with the hammer and hidden the

hole with the poster. This took Andy 12 years for a nearly 20 year job. Andy then takes

the money accumulated from the scam (a bankers salary for 20 years) and leaves town.

The police attempt to arrest the Warden who commits suicide. Red passes his parole

board and reunites with Andy in a Pacific Mexican Town.

Shawshank Redemption is a very unique movie which involves many

different personalities and underlying themes. The personalities of the inmates

are very interesting and when they are combined they create a very cool

plot which looks at prison life in an interesting and different perspective than

one normally thinks. The main characters are Andy Dufrense and Eliss "Red" Redding.

These characters are well complimented by the wise and simple old man, Brooks, and the

evil warden. The personalities of the Shawshank prison combine to form a...
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