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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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2. analyse how particular techniques are combined to manipulate viewer response. in the film Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont visual and verbal techniques have been used to manipulate the viewer into thinking that Shawshank is hostile environment, a place where humanity is forgotten. The director is able to get this view across by using a strong combination of camera work, lighting and music. The way Darabont has continuously used lighting to enhance the negativity of each scene, remains constant. The use of low key lighting is connected throughout the entire movie. At the very beginning when we are first introduced to The Warden, he comes out of the dark and steps into the light which is hardly there. Using low key lighting in the introduction of the antagonist creates a visual cue to internal conflict between the prisoners and The Warden. One of the most significant techniques is the use of silhouette. When the three ‘sisters’ first attack Andy, the characters are shot in a silhouette. This indicates could be inhumane, shameful, as the camera is followed back into the darkness. The use of silhouette is used more than once, on the first night when the prisoners to ‘fishing’ and in result the guards brutally beat a crying prisoner. As he gets dragged from his cell, the guards remain in a silhouette; another inhumane act taken back to the darkness. By using these variations of lighting techniques Darabont ensures viewers can easily understand how they characters are feeling. Equally the prisoners are often shot from high angles, at times even bird’s eye views, to really show that the prisoners are powerless, and they cannot do anything to change what happens at Shawshank. The only time the prisoners look like they have hope is when they are talking amongst each other are they shown at eye level. Close up shots are mainly used when Red and Andy are talking to each other, to show how different they are to the rest of the prisoners. Another example of...
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