Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Message Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Elaborating Strengths and Weaknesses
Communication. One might say it is the process of conversing to one or more person. However, formally defined, communication is the process of acting on information. (Beebe, 5 ) whether it is about making sense, sharing sense, creating meaning, verbal and nonverbal messages using symbols, these components are used in everyday life to make communication effective as possible. In Communication: Principles for a Lifetime, the author sums up human communication into five principles: Awareness, Verbal, Nonverbal, Listening and Responding, and Adapting. These principles are the foundation for all effective communication, whether we are communicating with others one on one, in groups or teams, or by presenting a public speech to an audience. (18) As a human being, I constantly go through this process as I communicate with others, and there are some strengths and weakness that I need improvement in.

Out of the five principles in human communication, I find that I am most strong in listening and responding to others, and adapting my responses to my listener. For instance, many of my friends believe that I am a good listener because although they might think that they are ranting during the conversation, I am able to take out the “access information” and pinpoint what they are trying to say. This comes in handy when your best friend comes to you with girl advice/problems. People who are skilled communicators both listen and respond with sensitivity; they are other-oriented, which is when you consider the needs, motives, desires, and goals of your communication partners while still maintaining your own integrity. (21) Also, I am also able to adapt my sentences to where the listener can fully understand what I am trying to say without being unethical, and adapt my speech for if I were speaking to my best friend, or the president of the United States. Failing to adapt my cause a message you send to create hostility towards the...
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