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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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The military is very strict on its policies for shaving in order to make its soldiers look more presentable. In the military’s view every soldier must be clean shaven with the exception of moustaches, profiles, or in the Special Forces.

The military thinks shaving is important because it makes soldiers look more professional. In the military’s view full beards and moustaches are unprofessional and undisciplined because it makes soldiers look like they don’t care about their personal hygiene. However the army allows its soldiers to keep moustaches as long as the moustache is kept within army regulations. The military also thinks that having a full beard and moustache is a safety hazard. The military believes that while in a combat situation a person’s beard could get caught on something or could get caught on the soldier’s weapon. With these risks the army thought that beards could lower a soldier’s combat effectiveness. These risks forced the army to impose a shaving regulation. However there are some exceptions. Some soldiers break out in rash’s and other medical problems when forced to shave on a daily basis, These soldiers may request a shaving profile that allows them to withhold from shaving for a certain time, However these individuals must still keep their facial hair under a certain length.

With the military’s regulation for soldiers keeping clean shaven the military is also teaching discipline. By making a soldier shave everyday they show their discipline by shaving without being told to by their leaders. It also put’s the soldier on a daily routine that the soldier can complete so that soldiers leadership doesn’t have to take the time out of his/her schedule to correct the soldier.

However there are some branches of the military that have shown enough discipline that they have been allowed to grow out their beards and moustaches. One of these branches is the Special Forces. In the Special Forces they sometimes receive missions that require the...
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