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Answer Key with Hint Total time :40 Min Maximum mark: 120 Subject :Demo Test Mark for True answer: 4 Chapter :One Dimensional Motion Mark for Wrong Answer: -1 1.A particle starts from the origin, goes along x-axis to the point (20m, 0) and then returns along the same line to the point (-20m, 0). The distance and displacement of the particle during the trip are A)40m, 0 B)40m, 20m C)40m, -20 m D)60m, -20 m E)+20m, -40 m Hint: Distance = 20 + [20 - (-20)] = 60 m Displacement = -20 - 0 = -20 m 2.Choose the correct statement from the following A)The magnitude of velocity of a particle is equal to its speed B)The magnitude of the average velocity in an interval is equal to its average speed in that interval C)It is impossible to have a situation in which the speed of the particle is never zero but the average speed in an interval is zero D)It is possible to have a situation in which the speed of particle is zero but the average speed is not zero E)Both A and B 3.Which of the following is not an example of linear motion A)A book at rest B)A body in uniform circular motion C)Wheel rotating at uniform speed on road D)A body rolling down an inclined plane E)None 4.The correct statement from the following is A)A body having zero velocity will not necessarily have zero acceleration B)A body having zero velocity will necessarily have zero acceleration C)A body having uniform speed can have only uniform acceleration D)A body having non-uniform velocity will have zero acceleration E)All the above 5.When two bodies move uniformly towards each other the distance between them decreases by 8 m/s. If both bodies move in the same direction with different speeds the distance between them increases by 2 m/s. The speeds of two bodies will be A)4 m/s and 3 m/s

B)4 m/s and 2 m/s C)5 m/s and 3 m/s D)7 m/s and 3m/s E)8 m/s and 4 m/s Hint: 6.A car runs at a constant speed on a circular track of radius 100m, taking 62.8 sec on each lap. What is average velocity and...
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