Sharon M. Draper's The Battle of Jericho: Techniques to Reveal Characters

Topics: By the Way, Interaction, Trumpet Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: May 14, 2012
There are many ways authors can reveal their story’s character and setting. Man authors can reveal them with figurative or even slow adjectives that give hints. In the book The Battle of Jericho by Sharon M. Draper, uses the interactions between the characters to reveal who and how they are. Ms. Draper reveals who Jericho I by his interaction with josh, Mr. Tambori, and Arielle.

The interaction between Jericho and Josh reveals Jericho’s personality. In the first week of December, Christmas was coming so Jericho asks what he was going to get November, his girlfriend for Christmas. Josh tells Jericho that he was going to get her diamonds and gold jewelry. Jericho response to this was “So I see you plan to shop at the dollar store again this year!” This quote is showing that Jericho is foolish and teasing person. This supports my thesis because it’s clearly showing the author used the dialogue between Jericho and josh to show how Jericho is. As Josh and Jericho were in lunch, they were playing around insulting each other about the food they were eating. Then josh told Jericho’s food was nasty so Jericho says “Look who’s talkin’!” This quote is showing us that Jericho has a comical personality by the way he responds to things. This supports my thesis by showing Jericho’s personality. Although it seems kind of crazy how the dialogues between two characters can reveal peoples personality, ms draper successfully accomplishes doing that. The interaction between Jericho and Mr. Tambori shows Jericho’s goals. “Yeah I know-a Thursday right? Talk about pressure! I’ve been practicing every night. I’m at the place where I dream the music.” This quote is showing that Jericho really cares about music and is very talented. This supports my thesis because the interaction between Jericho and Mr. Tambori is revealing the way Jericho feels about music. “Can I just get a ticket for the rest of the week first? I don’t want to think that far ahead. Maybe I’d rather play football.”...
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