Shark and Sharks Many People

Topics: Shark, Ocean, Shark finning Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: March 26, 2013

Many people often admire sharks and think they are awesome creatures, but they do not know if it would matter if sharks disappeared from the ocean. The answer to this question is yes, sharks are a very vital aspect to the ocean. Sharks are so important because they balance the ocean’s ecosystem. All organisms in the ecosystem are dependent upon one another to maintain a balance. If sharks disappeared, so would this community in the ocean. Another thing to consider is how bad the food chain would be mixed up if sharks were not present in the oceans. Sharks are very essential when it comes to their role in the ocean environment. Overall, they are what keep the ocean healthy and in balance. They are known as an apex predator. This means that they are among the top of the food chain. Because they eat so much implies that there are not many of them in the oceans. Otherwise, they would eat all the food and upset this balance of the ocean. Their feeding of fish also balances the ocean population. If they did not eat all this fish, the population of fish would be too high. Sharks tend to keep the fish population healthy also by eating sick and injured fish. They do not just stop there, they also eat dead fish and mammals and whatever other meat is around. Another interesting thing they do for the environment is produce more lobster. This is accomplished by something called a food web. For instance, they eat octopi, which eat lobsters, meaning that there will be more lobster in the ocean because its predator is not around as often. Despite all the good sharks are doing, there are various issues that threaten them being around. The main issue is over fishing. Many sharks are vulnerable to over fishing because they are long lived, take many years to mature, and have a few young at a time. Other problems include habitat alteration, damage and loss from coastal developments, and pollution....
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