Shark and Great White Sharks

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Great White Sharks
by Erin Ryan The great white shark is one of the most recognizable sharks in the world. The only shark larger than a great white is the whale shark. Great white sharks have been found in each of the world's oceans. Even though they have been spotted in waters as shallow as three feet (one meter) deep, these sharks spend most of their time in deep coastal waters. The great white shark is related to the prehistoric Megalodon shark, which grew to over sixty-five feet (20 meters). The largest great white sharks found have been over twenty feet (six meters) long. Like the Megalodon, great whites have huge triangle shaped teeth that are serrated, like knives. The teeth of great white sharks are up to three inches (seven centimeters) long and as they break off or wear out, new teeth grow in to replace them. One of the most noticeable features of the great white is the dorsal fin which rises out of the water when a great white swims near the surface of the ocean. The fins on either side of the shark are called pectoral fins and they help to direct the shark closer to the surface or deeper into sea. The shark’s tail is powered by very strong muscles. It sweeps the tail side to side and can reach speeds of up to fifteen miles per hour (twenty-four kilometers per hour). and can have sudden

The great white shark has special receptors in its snout, or nose, that help it feel electrical pulses from prey. They also have sensors in their skin that help them to feel vibrations in the water. seals, sea lions, dolphins, and turtles. eyes to protect them. Because great white sharks are so dangerous, little is known about them in the wild. Great white sharks have never been kept in captivity for longer than seven months, so scientists are unsure how long they live. It is believed that their life span is almost thirty years. The great white shark is the most feared predator of the ocean, by people and by sea creatures alike!...
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