Sharing Responsibility-Role of Local and State Bodies

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St ruc tur e
9.0 Objectives
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Destination Planning
9.3 Marketing Role
9.4 Case Study of Dilli Haat
9.5 Let Us Sum U p
9.6 Answers to Check Your Progress Exercises
In the Foundation Course on Tourism (TS-1 Unit 31, Block 8) you have been made aware of the role of local bodies in destination planning and development. After reading this Unit, you .
would be able to:
appreciatc the significance of local bodies in the development process, understand the role of local bodies in tourism marketing,
appreciate the importance of local bodies in maintaining and promoting the destinations, and
know about the services that the local bodies should provide in tourism for strengthening the product.
In India, there is a great emphasis at the central level on promotion of tourism to help the country to intcgrate with the global economy. However; the same priority is absent when it comes to integrating the local or state level economies with the national economy. The result is that many regions with tourism potential have remained under-developed. On the other hand our tourism products have not emerged within our culture and needs. This has resulted in a poor take off alongwith the emergence of antagonisms between the tourist and the local population or between the tourism industry and the local bodies. Generally, in all decision making on tourism, the local bodies and the local population have been ignored. However, if we keep in view the developmental role of marketing, the importance of local bodies in the implementation of tourism projects, maintenance of destinations and facilities, etc. becomes critical to their success. This Unit takes into account the role of local bodies in tourism marketing.

he Government of India's National Action Plan for Tourism (1992) identified 15 circuits/destinations for concentrated development. Besides, this Plan proposed t o notify a few Special Tourism Areas for integrated development of tourism facilities. It was mentioned that:

The proposed Special Tourism Areas will be similar to the scheme of setting u p notified Export Processing Zones designed to give a fillip to industries catering to export promotion. The selected Special Tourism Areas would have identifiable boundaries notified by the State Governments where land would be allotted for hotels and tourism related industries a t concessional rates to prospective investors according to the Master Plan prepared. A Special Area Development Authority would be constituted by the State Governments to administer the Special Tourism Area with full delegation of powers under different statutes of the State Government. The Snecial Area Develonment Authoritv would nrovide basic Developmental Role i n f r a s t r u c t u r a ~ s u p p o r t such a s a i r p o r t s a n d a i r l ine services, railway stations, of Marketing

communications network and post/telegraph/banking services. Both the Central and State Governments would grant exemption from specified CentraVState Taxes and freeze rates on water and electric supply for a t least 10 years in order to attract investments. The scheme for setting up of select Special Tourism Areas was approved in a resolution adopted by the Conference of State Tourism Ministers held in New Delhi on 10th December, 1991.

The selection of Special Tourism Areas would be done by the Central Government in consultation with those State Governments who a r e willing to offer the maximum facilities for the successfuL functioning of s u t h Special Tourism Areas. Special Efforts will be made to attract foreign investment in.these areas. A scheme for giving Assistance for Specified Tourism Areas (ASTA) will be started to provide financial assistance for equity and other tourism related...
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