Sharing Personal Experience of a Girl's Senior Year Graduation Day

Topics: High school Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Mary Suggs
Ashley Keffer, Instructor
4 February 2011
English 111
On June 15, 2010, I woke up to my mom yelling, “Congratulations, baby girl.” Right then I started to think back at my years of schooling. When I was younger I started my studying in Kindergarten. Then, I continue to gain my grades for years, and finish my basic studying my twelfth grade year. Like other students I was pretty excited about passing my senior year in high school, and the ceremony of my graduation was a remarkable time that I could not forget.

As soon as my mom walked out of my room I began to get ready for the most important moment of my life. I got up brushed my teeth, took a shower and started on my hair. I wanted to get my gown perfect so I decided I was going to steam it, once again. I started to do my hair when I get a phone call from a classmate.

“Hello,” she said.
“Hey, Nicole what’s up?” I replied.
“Nothing I just wanted to let you know that some of us are meeting up in the gym lobby before the ceremony.”
“Ok, that’s fine I will call you when I am on my way.” We hung and I proceeded with doing my hair. I was getting a little frustrated with my hair, when my mom walked in.
“Do you need some help, baby?” she asked.
“Sure, when it comes down to you, I never turn down any help,” I replied. She started to grin. As we finished up my hair, I started to get a little nervous. Nothing this exciting has ever happened to before, besides having my daughter. I got dressed and told my mom that some of my classmates decided to meet up at school before the ceremony started. She was fine with everything, so I kissed her, my dad and my daughter and told them I would see them when they got to the school. I arrived at the school about 10 minutes later and saw a couple of friends standing around so I went up to them. “Hey, what’s up everyone?”

“Hey, Mary u made it, how is everything going”, one girl replied. “Everything is good; I just can’t believe we have finally...
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