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Today’s date is 20 March 2012.

I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is what I have always been around individuals who needed to be cared for since I was six years old. Nursing was natural for me. I came from a small town in the south, folks were poor and my aunt was considered the “nurse” of the community. I looked up to her every day and I knew I would someday be like her. Nursing to me is compassion for those who are not able to care for themselves. The circumstance and surroundings has never been an issue. If I can give assistance, I will.

I believe that the core of nursing is to teach. Sharing knowledge is to help empower another individual. It can be teaching a family member how to care for their loved one or teaching the patient about their disease process. Whatever the situation, helping them to understand will make their journey less fearful.

I believe that the focus of nursing is to be kind, self-determined, non-judgmental, and to know your professional boundaries. A nurse can be educated form the best schools, but if you do not have these qualities, caring for others will be very difficult. A nurse is culturally diverse, and those you care for are all equal.

My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will be a better educator. Be a role model for the younger generation; share my knowledge and years of experience with them. Instill in them traditions as well as new technology. I do not believe you can teach caring it has to come from the heart. I will educate myself as well as those around me, and not confuse that with my own beliefs. By searching out and understanding myself, I will be open to give holistic care.

To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember this about the following:

1.My patients: needs come first, I will keep my nursing skills sharp and my education up to date. Work side by side with my team to bring better organization to my patients care in a timely manner. I will evaluate my...
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