Shariah Compliant Hotel

Topics: Islam, Tourism, Halal Pages: 17 (5431 words) Published: February 13, 2013
ABSTRACT This research is to find out the real perspective about Islamic values in cooperating with tourism and hospitality industries. The context of this research is to investigating the perceptions and find out the expectations of people about Shariacompliant hotel (SCH). The segmentations for this research is not only focuses towards the Muslims but also to the non-Muslims, Malaysians and foreigners. The method that is going to use for executing this research is to use quantitative surveys as the primary data. The other methods will be towards in-depth reading and studying on related finding from other authors, publications and establishments as the secondary data. This research will conclude the real perceptions of people on accepting the concept of SCH and their expectations towards it. Furthermore, this research will come out with a definition for SCH that can be use for all the hotel industries that are available now, to the new comers and also to the commercial hotels that are interested to switch to SCH concept.









INTRODUCTION, PROBLEM OF STATEMENT & AIM With the Muslims populations are growing double from 1.1 billion populations now and that contributes to 24.6% of the worlds populations of 8 billion in 2030 (Jones, 2011). This means, it is time for us to look into the potential on providing a hospitality environment as according to the Sharia law or towards the Muslim’s values and practices. The definition of hospitality is the act or service of welcoming and receiving in a generous and cordial manner by creating a pleasant environment that will satisfy the guest needs (Chon and Sparrowe, 2000: 2). Providing a place to host, accommodate guests with lodging and facilities besides on trying to fulfil the guest needs and wants is what the hotel industry are cater for. Furthermore, at the historical time hotel is just a ‘caravenserai’ which is an overnight lodging structures that were build along MidEastern routes around 4000 years ago, Chon and Sparrowe (ibid: 4). Besides that, the Roman empire had provide homes and constructed a proper roads to enter the lodging facilities for travellers that travelled for health, religion and migration purposes, Chon and Sparrowe (ibid: 4 and 43). In Islam history, hospitality starts when the Ansaar in Yathrib (known as Medina) welcomed and respected the Muslims and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in the migration on 622 Anno Domini (AD), in Ibn Hisham (cited in Islam and Muslims, 2011). Demand for SCH is increasing and representing 10% of the world tourism market (Heyer, 2008). Furthermore, the Middle East countries provide SCH due to the stringent law that must be complied (Henderson, 2010). Whereas, countries or nations that doesn’t have a strict Sharia law has also came across in providing SCH to target the Muslim’s market. For example, in Dubai had provided a luxurious SCH like Tamani Hotel Marina and Rizqun International hotel in Brunei (, 2011). Malaysia has the potential on providing SCH because of the population of Muslims in Malaysia and Islam is the religion of federation that as written in Constitution of Malaysia. With, the switch of De Palma hotel to Shariah-compliant as well as PNB Darby Park Executive Suite that has dedicated in complying to Sharia requirements it proves that Malaysia is looking forward to invest in SCH (HalalMedia, 2011 and Sunday Mail, 2005). As revealed by the upcoming ‘wakaf’ hotel in Terengganu that provides 3

separate swimming pool for male and female and it will be managed by JAKIM (Wan Najemudin, 2008). Moreover, Sharia-compliant accommodations (SCA) has also be developed in Europe for example, Brighton Marina House Hotel has been listed as one of the 1060...
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