Shareholder's Report for Capsim

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Sensor Industry

As part of the sensor industry, The Flopping Fish Inc. is a technology based company that creates sensors for other businesses that can be utilized and in corporate in cameras, biometric devices, and labs. Our products allow us to enter into multiple and diverse arenas such as: genetics, power generation, and satellites. Corporate Background Information

The Flopping Fish, Inc. was incorporated in Central Pennsylvania in 1995 through the separation of a sensor monopoly. The monopoly was divided into six individual companies who now make up the sensor industry. Each company has multiple product segments in high and low technology markets. When time went on, each company has gradually differentiated the products from the other companies by monitoring product price, reliability, performance, size and age.

In the last 8 years, the Flopping Fish, Inc. sustained significant loss with negative How we separated from a monopoly into individual companies.
Who are our competitors?
Original Strategy: Niche Differentiation Strategy
The Flopping Fish, Inc. initially focused on the high technology segments of the electric sensor industry. In hopes of gaining a competitive advantage, we decided to distinguish our products through excellent design, high awareness, easy accessibility, and product extenders. In order to align our customers’ needs with our business, we developed our R&D center to attempt to keep pace with our customers’ demand and offer improved quality and performance. Our products would then be targeted toward a niche market with higher customer expectation on quality performance rather than cost effectiveness. The Flopping Fish, Inc. initially adopted a Niche Differentiation Strategy; believing this would allow us to avert our company’s attention towards our (previously) more successful and profitable high technology segments (e.g. High End, Performance, and Size) and phase out our Traditional and Low End products. By focusing our attention to our high technology segments, we would be able to aggressively market and invest into our higher end products and become more a more customer-centric company. Our company’s implementation of our Niche Differentiation Strategy consisted of hiring skilled workers for our high end and high technology segments; phasing out our Low-End products; and finally, introducing new high technology products. The hiring of skilled workers would allow us as a company to customize our higher end products, and be more marketable and appealing to customers. The second part of our Niche Strategy would be to start phasing out our Low-End products by selling its capacity and saving costs associated with that product. And finally, an introduction of new products in Size and Performance would give The Flopping Fish a distinctive competitive advantage in the high technology segments of the market by allowing us to reach a wider span of customers while still maintaining our original products.

Mission Statement:
The mission of The Flopping Fish, Inc. is to provide premium high quality sensors for the technology oriented customers through our high end and quality performance products. We will surpass customer expectations through our efficiency and deliverance of our products by maintaining our company’s core values of customer loyalty, integrity, and honesty. Management Team:

The following tables provide a brief summary regarding the responsibilities, managerial authority and education attainment level for each manager. Position: Chief Executive Officer / Competitor Analyst

* Bachelor of science in Accounting
Functional Area:
Oversight over general operations, and periodically report the company’s performance to shareholders. Position: Chief Executive Officer / Competitor Analyst
* Bachelor of science in Accounting
Functional Area:
Oversight over general...
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