Sharecrop Contract

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Sharecrop Contracts of the 1882 was a contract that seemed to be for the landowners and not for the actual sharecropper. The landowners seem to not really take care of the sharecroppers in any way. The landowner’s responsibilities seem to only be to supply the land or more like renting it and reaping the profits of the share croppers in order to keep them in debt to the landowners and never actually freeing them to own their own land and freedom actually keeping them not, as slaves, but still getting the benefits of slavery. The landowners agreed to supply 30 to 35 acres and furnish them, or basically rent them, a team of horses, a plow, and farming implements. Landowners insisted that the sharecroppers give them half of their crops no questions ask or at least make up for half of the fodder even if the sharecroppers crops failed for any reason. The sharecroppers wasn’t even supposed to be concerned with where the seed to the cotton or corn went or even know how much product they produced, the Landowner kept it housed and took it to the market and sold it and the sharecropper had to just trust that they was being honest in giving them what was left after the Landowner took out all the expenses and deductions. The landowners also made it where the sharecroppers could not plant any produce at their place of living if so the Landowner received a portion of it. The Landowners also said what when and where the sharecroppers should put their fences and if it is not to his liking they would have to tear it down and rebuild it from the bottom up as well as if the land owner furnishes the mule or horse the sharecropper must put 1000 good sized rails and keep it up as seen fit to the landowners. The landowners also insist that the sharecropper can only work for him as to keep them from receiving any money from anywhere else to help assist with living expense in order to make sure that they are in...
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