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A complete guide how to make $50/day with ShareCash

Probably some of you are already know a few methods how to make money with ShareCash, but i can guarantee you that my method is a working unique one and it was never shared anywhere before. So fasten your seatbelts and be ready to make big money via ShareCash daily with my easily scalable incredible method! You will need: 1. A ShareCash account, signup here it’s free and/or a CPAlead account, sign up here, it’s also free and the best thing: there is an instant approval this time! 2. An eBay account and of course you also need a PayPal account, because without this you cannot sell on eBay Investment needed: $1.00 - $2.00 Difficulty level: this guide is suitable for newbies and experienced users as well

Earning proof:

Payout proof:

The Method:
This method is about promoting your ShareCash uploads and/or CPAlead offers on eBay, now you may ask how this can be done, please read more below: After you already have or created the above mentioned accounts, Step 1) Sign in to your eBay account and find an item on eBay that you know will get THOUSANDS of views - as an example, go onto eBay Pulse and find a model of classic car in the 'most watched' section. It’s just an example, do not copy-paste what i said, please be creative! Step 2) Then find some pics of a similar car on the net (use Google Image Search or any other image source of your choice) Step 3) Make an eBay listing for it (I’m really not here to teach you how to create a listing on eBay, but if you can’t do it by your own, eBay happily helps you out:

Start the listing really cheap ($100-150), and with no reserve - to maximise the amount of interested parties of course. There will be a listing fee of $2.00 for this price category ($50.00 - $199.99), but if you list an item which is cheaper than $50.00, the listing fee will be only $1.00 or even lower:...
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