Share Jesus Without Fear Book Critique

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Bibliographical Entry

Fay, William, and Linda Evans Shepherd. 1999. Share Jesus Without Fear. Nashville: B&H Publishing.

Author Information
William Fay has a powerful testimony and a passion for evangelism. He was the CEO of a multimillion-dollar international corporation, had ties with the Mafia, and ran one of the largest houses of prostitution in the United States. When he was threatened with the possibility of jail time, William turned Jesus for redemption. Since that time, he has not turned back and has become an effective witness for Christ.(p. 1) A man who would persecute anyone who dared to share their faith in God, William is now an influential evangelist who has shared the gospel of Jesus Christ on a one-on-one basis twenty-five thousand times. (p. 144)

Lisa Evans Shepherd is an award winning author and a nationally known speaker. She has written books such as Encouraging Hands-Encouraging Hearts: How to Be a Good Friend and Heart-StirringStories of Romance and Heart-Stirring Stories of Love. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and speaks at women’s retreats around the United States. (p. 195)

Content Summary
Share Jesus Without Fear is a book which reminds its reader of their call for evangelism while providing practical and comprehensive instructions on how to share their faith. The book confronts the sin of silence which many Christians are guilty of committing. Instead of talking about the lost, it encourages readers to begin talking to the lost.(p. 7) The authors provide compelling testimonies to encourage and ignite the reader to have a passion for evangelism. Most importantly, the book doesn’t just tell them that they should be evangelizing; it explicitly shows them how to evangelize.

In order for one to change, they must first realize there is a need for change. Share Jesus Without Fear examines the many obstacles that keep Christians from sharing their faith. It confronts many Christians’ misconceptions about evangelism and advises that evangelism is a process not an one-time event.(p. 12) The book provides real life stories that ease the fear many Christians have concerning evangelism. It counsels and assures its reader that when they share their faith in Christ, they cannot fail. (p. 12)

In the book, the authors offer the ‘Share Jesus Without Fear’ approach to evangelism which is noted to be easy and to have incredible results. (p. 29) On average, a person needs to hear the gospel 7.6 times before they will receive it. (30) The book asserts while engaging in conversation with people, the sharer should ask questions to see if God has already been working in the person’s life and to gage if their hearts are open to receive Christ. The book delivers five questions the sharer should ask when sharing their faith and gives examples of how to use those questions in daily conversations. These questions help the sharer to assess the current spiritual beliefs of the person whom they are conversing with. (p.32) Share Jesus Without Fear urges its reader to utilize the Word of God when sharing their faith. It provides key scriptures to utilize when evangelizing and uses mock conversations to show the reader exactly how to do so. The book also provides instructions on sharing scriptures without starting arguments and provides insight on addressing individuals’ questions about the Bible. (p. 43)

According to Share Jesus Without Fear, once someone is lead to the Lord, there is still more work for the sharer to do. The book outlines follow-up questions and directions to utilize with the new believer. The book advises that it is the sharer’s responsibility to ensure the new believer has everything they need to grow and become disciples for Christ. (p. 78) Based on the scripture 1 Peter 3:15, the book urges it’s reader to be prepared to answer questions and objections the non-believer may have. It equips the reader with 36 common objections non-believers pose and provides...
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