Share Cropping

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Share Cropping System






Share Cropping System

Arguably, Share cropping system is a system that existed in the United States of America after the civil war, which took place between the years 1861- 1865. Sharecropping is a term used to refer to an agricultural system where tenants were allowed by their landlords to make use of their land and in return, they would share the crops that are produced from the farms. The sharing would be in percentages as agreed such as 50% or lower. The history of Sharecropping dates back in the reconstruction era during which a broad range of diverse agreement that were meant to rule the system (Edward, 2009). However, some systems were not regulated by the agreements. Instead, they were governed by the existing traditions legal contracts such as the Italian mezzadria as well as the law.

Undeniably, many Africans preferred the share cropping system to the wage system because it led to the total eradication of slavery. It enabled all the former slaves of Brazil, United States, as well as the late Roman Empire to gain access to land. The system gave the freed slaves the opportunity to experience the freedom they had craved for. Moreover, share cropping was preferred because it was economically efficient because it could allow the farm peasants to get their share of the crop and take them to the market, where they could sell them for money or even exchange their crops with other goods in the free market (Foner, 2007). There was increase crop production both for food and trade. This is because people were more motivated to work under their own personal supervision as compared to the strict and brutal supervision of their land lords. This increased the food production, thus leading to it being more preferred to the wage labor system. Many Africans also preferred the sharecropping system to wage labor because...
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