Shaping Indian Constitution

Topics: India, Constitution of India, Hinduism Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Ambedkar : Shrewd, ideology, will and might,knowledge used to imbibe in constitution..directive principles.. Differences between Gandhi n ambedkar
First law minister of India..then move to drafting committee They were ppl against him always..he is untouchable but still in a high and mighty position Head of the drafting committee… Arun Shourie calls Ambedkar false manu….Drafting committee would only give shape to these articles framed by other committees… Counter points :

HS verma and Neeta Verma say he was selected to Indian constitution..based on his merit, administrative capabilities…. Drafting committee didn’t have any muslim representation…not decided whether to join India or Pakistan,..critics against drafting committee… PPl followed all articles closely based on sub committees… Draftign committee had 7 died, one resigned, one in America n none of them was replaced…drafting committee was nt competent enuf to shape constitution Gandhi believed in grass root level panchayats…Gandhians and congress supporters wanted grass root admnstn at panchayats n villages…Ambedkar thot this wud demolish the demograpohies of India… He included these in the directive principles…mere guidelines for constitutions….Ambedkar dint want decentralization…. Article 34

Promote cottage industries..cooperative banks and rural areas..not included in primary constitution…. He put all such thing in directive rinciples so that they r nt legally enforced….intoxicating consumption in article 47…. Cow slaughter

Project modernization…reframed so that it wont be re-inforced… HINDU QUODE BILL
Ambedkar in favour of uniform civil code…against Nehrus pressure from congress…severing of ties between Nehru and Ambedkar..Nehru was more cpaitalsit in natur and uniform views with ambedkar.. Ambedkar married Brahmin nurse : UNIFORM CODE SHOULD BE THERE THAT IS WHY Krishna and Radha mention

Ambedkar was sad that Nehru didn’t allot him suitable...
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