Topics: Triangle, Right triangle, Hypotenuse Pages: 3 (423 words) Published: March 2, 2013
“Shapes On Me”
Shapes are every where 
In every place I stare 
Rectangle in the building 
Sphere drawn on the side walk

Hexagon on the stop sign
Circle in the number nine
Triangle in the pyramids 
Octagon on the jewelry box lid

Stars in the sky
Oval in Ma’am Granada’s eye
Pentagon in Washington dc
Square in my TV

Shapes are every where
In every place I look
Now I can figure out what shapes I see
If only I could find my geometry book

"On Behalf of the Sides of a Triangle"
Oh, triangle, I wish I knew why
You're known for three angles instead of three sides
Your angle's a cute part of you, I agree
But you're being obtuse if your sides you don't see
For what could be more necessarily true
Than that two sides must meet to form angles for you
And it is the length of your sides, after all
That determine if you are gigantic or small
Yes, even the straightness your sides show is key
(If two sides were curved, you'd look more like a D)
So from now on I'll boycott the triangle shape
Remove it from my geometric landscape
And some day I hope the whole world will decide
That instead of triangle, they'll call you triside

“The Geometry”

Horizontal, parallel, intersecting, perpendicular
Different widths, lengths, heights, numbers
Base times itself gives the square's area
In a circle, radius is half the size of the diameter
Calculations, facts, theories to conquer
Angles that are obtuse, straight, acute they appear
In all degrees, some find it fascinating,
Have no trouble understanding
All the facts, computations and complex
Workings; precision essential, exactness
Vital, problems that call for meticulousness
Without which
All would crumble, there would be no order

Geometry brings sequence and stability
In a world where there is also volatility
Each complimenting each other
A world of opposites; yin and yang
Ever since time began.

“Who Am I” ?

I have no faces,
nor do I have any bases.
My shape is round,
and I...
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