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This minor assignment is going to introduce the situation and history of a international hotel from China, Shangri-la hotel, which is one of the best and luxury hotel in Asia. Merely mention how the whole hotel market environment influence Shangri-la hotel. How do they compete with their major competitors? How do they segment their market and what is their target market how do they form their strategies by these major market to help customers to distinguish the major differences between their hotel and other hotels. These information will be mentioned and it is used to prepare for the major business report.

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An international hotel is the hotel that has a chain in many countries but not just in one country. To compare with the normal hotel, international hotels are easier to satisfy different customers from all over the world, because they have more experience to treat the international customers. By contrast, the major customers of normal hotel are generally domestic customers.

Industry background

Organization’ background
In this report, the Hong Kong luxury international hotel Shangri-la will be used. The first Shangri-la hotel was built in Singapore in 1971 and gradually became the most successful hotel in Asia and can be seen in many western countries, however, their major market is in Asia. Then they set stock exchange in Hong Kong in 1995.

As we all know, nowadays, the tourist industry is developing fast that many countries need more international hotels. Shenzhen is a seaside city, many tourist go to the beach, Sheraton is a five star holiday hotel, which means their aims are different from Shangri-la, because Shangri-la is luxury hotel but Sheraton is a resort hotel. However, they...
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