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The Seventh International Research Conference on Management and Finance (IRCMF 2012)

Consumer Attitudes toward Ready-To-Eat Packed Food Items (With Special Reference To Jaffna Divisional Secretariat Division) R. Meenambekai 1 P. Selvarajan2 Abstarct Ready-to-Eat packed food items play a key role among the people in today’s busy lifestyle. It is observed that there is a huge flow of products into the consumer market in Jaffna district after the post conflict period. This research study attempted to identify the consumer attitudes toward the Ready-to-Eat packed food products (R2E) in Jaffna DS division. The problem associated with this research study is to describe consumer attitudes towards the above said food items. The main objective of this study is to identify factors (demographic factors and behavioural factors) influencing on consumer attitudes towards these products. For this purpose, 100 respondents were selected by using Area Probability Sampling method with an association of Judgement Sampling and data gathered from them through questionnaire and personal interviewing. The data analysis covered percentage, frequency, rank order and cross tab analyses by using the version 16.0 of SPSS (®) package. The findings showed the majority of the consumers for these products were young generation people especially students and working people below 45 years who belongs to nuclear family with moderate monthly income level. It was also found that television was the major source of medium for consumer awareness, and the interest of consumer towards these products was instant consumption, timesaving, taste and convenience to use them as snacks. Health consciousness was the major factor indicated by the non buyers of these products. Moreover planned purchase was common among majority of the elders while impulse buying behaviour is shown among many consumers preferred milk based products. Therefore it is recommend that these food manufacturers should pay much attention on attractive packaging, health and nutrients and quality and intermediaries should stress on effective sales promotion activities to increase the consumption of these products and sustainability. Keywords: Consumer Attitudes, Impulsive buying, Planned purchase, Ready -to-Eat food items 1. Introduction

There is nobody in the world that is left out of the class of consumers. The consumer hood continues till one’s last breath in the world.People bear certain beliefs and attitudes towards certain types of goods, brands ofcommodities and retail outlets based on their previous experience. Consumer purchases are likely to be influenced by physiological, psychological and sociological factors (Solomon, 2009). The commodities and services are brought by theconsumer to satisfy his basic needs, for comfort, pleasure, recreation and


Meenambekai. R, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka ( Selvarajan. P, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (


The Seventh International Research Conference on Management and Finance (IRCMF 2012)

happiness. Everyindividual has physiological need such as hunger, shelter, thirst, etc., which have to besatisfied for survival. The psychological factors like status prestige and social factors likefriends, neighbours, relatives and job influence their purchasing activities. Moreover the marketing mix also influences on the consumer behaviour and their purchase decisions.

Now days the trend of buying behaviour and attitudes of consumers is dramatically changing while the trend of retail marketing also changing rapidly. The following are main causes lead to the change, a scenario of rapid urbanization, changing lifestyle, changes income, and purchasing power, time which translates into an increased need for convenience, increasing number of working women, well developed infrastructure, distribution network, and marketing system. The...
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