Shaklee Investment Global Business

Topics: Shaklee Corporation, Multi-level marketing, Corporation Pages: 7 (2167 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Shaklee Corporation|
A New Idea That Has Old Roots
Corporation Analysis|


1. Introduction to Shaklee
2. S.W.O.T Analysis
3. Leveraging Resources
a. Motivating small business owners
4. Foreign Investments
a. Japan's Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals Co.
5. Moral Courage
a. Much needed trait
b. Current Leader
6. Management Structure
a. Corporate
b. Local
c. Global
7. Future Expansion
a. Indonesia
b. Cultural differences
c. Ethical and moral issues
8. Obstacles in New Country
a. Laws and regulations
b. Economics
d. No currency issues
8. Conclusion
a. Opinion on future
The world as we know it is forever changing and now more than ever people on this planet are looking for ways to improve their health and lifestyles. It don’t stop there, at this moment many believe our planet is in trouble and are now looking for green products to protect future generations. There are many different companies that are moving toward this but there is a business that has made it their goal to be green since its inception in 1956 the Shaklee Corporation. The company was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee a well-known scientist and nutritionist, who started the company on just one product and a sales plan that relied upon people reaching out to help other people. Since then Shaklee has grown to global proportions and now has over 200 products from cleaning solutions to sports nutrition. They have recently had a change in leadership and he is pushing the company to new heights beginning to move business to larger countries. There are many obstacles when it comes to moving a corporation to another country and the company does well with making sure to have a strong management team. Knowing this there are many strengths that Shaklee enjoys but also may be limiting their potential. Many people do not know that this company exists since they do not participate in the same marketing style as mainstream America. Needless to say the company stands by its way of marketing and believes in it for several reasons. A simple way to look at the strengths of a company is S.W.O.T. analysis and this company has many different concepts to take into account:

Strengths| Weakness’s| Opportunities| Threats|
Market PositionWide array of productsCustomer retentionNo animal testingGrowing businessNo impact on environmentEndorsements from athletesHave kept increasing in revenue through recession| Can't purchase anywhereNot much advertisementMore mainstream athlete endorsementLong term management has stagnated in their operational effectivenessPricey products for average income| Product development is very strong and with owners who believe in productsNew International MarketsSmall business opportunities are becoming more prevalentChanging in values of world going green they are already establishedNo one wants to look old and they have more and more products centered around health a growing marketAlways finding new customers from independent distributors| Businesses are moving in this direction of greenPeople may not want to buy products from internet they tend to just get the things at the storeHard to take over the everyday wasteful products people have been using for decadesSupplement market is already overwhelming and unregulated|

Shaklee is a company that has been driven to new heights ever since new ownership was taking over in 2004. This company is the first to make consumer products completely green and use 100% green power. They continue to grow and are really trying to move toward more countries around the world. They also have to beware of the entire green movement and companies may start moving in the same direction quickly because, saving the planet is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. It is also very tough to create a corner in the industry if people largely do not know the company even...
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