Shakespeare Webquest

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, William Shakespeare, Elizabethan era Pages: 10 (3296 words) Published: October 17, 2010

Step One
Shakespeare’s birthplace

Step Two

Shakespeare was a wise man, walking through the streets of his home town Stratford-Upon-Avon. This neighborhood is normally a quite calm one. Where children play and people like Shakespeare live in peace. Shakespeare made daily rounds through the streets cheering up people and having the usual chat with some strangers and friends. The usually ominous day of June, was noticed by all especially Shakespeare. As the clouds grew darker and darker, while Shakespeare made his daily rounds everyday through the streets of his home town. While at home Shakespeare’s wife took great notice to these growing clouds. Anne thought they might symbolize a upcoming tragedy, but she quickly pushed that thought out of her already worried mind. She has tired to hide a secret from her loving and caring husband Shakespeare. Back in the streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon word was going around about some strange new group of men in town. Shakespeare thought he might investigate, even through others have warned him that it might come at a great risk. As they to where taking into the account of the strange weather. By the time Shakespeare went on this search for theses men they strangely disappeared, and the sky continued to rage on with intense furry. Just finishing up her daily cleaning of the home she and Shakespeare live in, she hears a loud noise that startles her and in reaction to it Anne screams. Curious to what the noise was she goes to the front of the house were the noise appeared to come from. What she see almost causes her to faint. Three oddly dressed men have broken her homemade front door. Anne’s eyes go wide as she sees that the men have destroyed the front of her house. But all she heard was a loud crash, how could that be she ponders. She is not afraid as she should be. She knows these strange men, they have met before in her past life, before she met Shakespeare. This is what she has feared all morning , her deadly and venomous past has come to haunt her again, just like in reoccurring nightmares. As she peaks from behind the wooden door leading to the front of the house, she over hears there conversation. “We shall tak’t her back t’ th’ Barrens’of Land, where’t that hag com’ from.” says the fairly young looking man with very pale blonde , that looks of silver. They all toast with the wine they have taken from Shakespeare’s stash. While watching the men of her past she hit’s the door with her arm, and causes it to move. Anne’s mind goes blank with shock of being caught, but she notices that the men’s heads all snap up at the same time. This movement was so fast it didn’t even seem like a movement at all. With all the energy she has, Anne runs for her life. “Where’t thou running, Anne dear’t.”

Step Three
“The ‘Boke of St Albans’ provides a list of the falconry Laws of Ownership. The Laws of Ownership Detailed in the “Boke of St Albans;’ are as follows:” King: Gyr Flacon (male &female)
Prince: Peregrine Flacon
Duke Rock Flacon
Earl: Tiercel Peregrine (male)
Baron: Bastarde Hawk
Knight: Saker
Squire: Lanner
Lady: Female Merlin
Yeoman: Goshawk or Hobby
Priest: Female Sparrow Hawk
Holy Water Clerk: Male Sparrow Hawk
Knaves: Kestrel
Servants: Kestrel
Children: Kestrel

Revised: The Law of Ownership of Falconry is that all of they highly honored should have one hawk or falcon to share, and those of lower honor should share a hawk or falcon as well. The children should have Kestrels. Explanation:

This should be revised because one, everyone doesn’t need a falcon or hawk. Did they ever think about them going extinct? They sometime treated the animals badly. Such as sewing up their eyes to help them kill other birds better. Then there are the hawks fro the servants. Do you know how many servants there are? That means the same amount of birds. Which they...
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