Shakespeare King Lear

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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A Character analysis of King Lear, Gloucester,
Cordelia, Edgar, and Edmond: The destruction
Of a court.
In Shakespeare’s, King Lear the theme of family rivalry and mistrust was displayed throughout the play. There was controversy between siblings such as Edmund vs. Edgar, Regan and Goneril vs. Cordelia and Goneril vs. Regan. Selfishness, ambitious, and motives destroyed and entire kingdom, in King Lear. King Lear was a play built for destruction because the characters in the story learned quickly and brutally from there decisions. In most of Shakespeare’s plays, there is always a changing point in the story where one event causes a string of negative things to happen. Usually, the turning event occur when you are settled into the play, but in King Lear, the changing point was when King Lear abandoned his youngest daughter, Cordelia by not spreading his wealth with her and disowning her, because she would not flatter him. If you have knowledge of the play, you will know King Lear abandoned Cordelia in the very first scene. After Cordelia exile, I knew the actions would have a boomerang effect on him and a domino effect on the other characters. Goneril and Regan felt threaten and intimidated by Cordelia being the favorite daughter of King Lear. Goneril and Regan knew that Cordelia would get be penalized because of her honesty. Goneril and Regan planned to speak from their mind and flatter their father, instead of speaking from the heart and telling the truth like Cordelia. This resulted in Cordelia going to France separating from Regan and Goneril and becoming their enemy. Goneril and Reagan actions were not planned, they both had a desire to rule and have they’re way. Goneril and Regan both denied their father soldiers to stay at their kingdom. Even though Goneril and Regan worked to together on most of their schemes, Goneril felt she was still superior to Regan, and Regan felt she was superior to Goneril. The two evil sisters Goneril and Regan were so much alike, trying to have a dominant kingdom; they fell in love with the same man, Edmund. Goneril and Regan figured to have their kingdom be as strong as possible, they need someone as cruel as them for a husband. Edmond was the perfect candidate because he lied and deceived the people who ever called him family. The sisters were willing to destroy anyone, even each other, when it came to someone standing in their way to marry Edmond. Goneril plotted against her husband Albany to be with Edmund. Regan shocks Goneril when she announced her and Edmunds engagement. Their determination to have the most powerful and cruel kingdom, ultimately, led to Goneril poisoning Regan then stabbing herself to death because of her guilt and shame. Often time’s people tend to trust the people that they are closet with. One would like to believe that one’s families are the people that one could trust the most. Clearly in the case of King Lear this is not true. King Lear trusted his daughters to love him, care for him, and be his successors throughout his kingdom. Instead there was deceit, treason, and treachery that led to the downfall of the kingdom as well as King Lear’s family. King Lear’s vain attempt to find flattery in his daughters led him to trust Regan and Goneril rather than Cordelia. Regan and Goneril clearly used their father’s weakness against him and in return led him to trust them and their evil ways. Regan and Goneril had a strong desire for power and in retrospect that desire was what led to the downfall of their alliance as well as their family. Power and hierarchy were of more importance to the older daughter’s than the trust of their father. On the contrary Cordelia’s character was one of kindness and honesty. She did not lead her father to believe anything that was an untruth. Ironically, honesty was the virtue of Cordelia that eventually being her downfall. Cordelia’s honesty led her father not having trust in her because she did not feed his ego. Regan and Goneril...
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