Shakespeare Adaptations

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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The modernised adaptation of the prologue has effectively conveyed numerous important themes and ideas from Shakespeare’s original script: Romeo and Juliet * The theme of love is still evident through our adaptation. This is shown through the medium shot used, which lets the audience see hand actions, whilst also seeing the facial expressions between the two lovers, where we are seen their expressed emotions.

* Since the prologue was adapted, it was chosen that the head of the Capulet and Montague households were to wear mostly black, to symbolise death and mourning. This colour was worn even before the deaths of the lovers, to express that something negative was going to happen.

* Furthermore, the head of the two households were changed from men to women, to symbolise the changes in society. This shows how women are not at an inferior position to that of men in this modern society, but somewhat equal.

* Props were included throughout the adaptation of the prologue, which made the film seem more realistic. Romeo killed himself not with poison, but instead with an overdose in pills, which is a common occurrence in today’s society.

* Dramatic music was combined with fast paced flashes of still pictures, cresting suspense leading up to the finale.

* Through the scene with Mrs Montague and Mrs Capulet, it is evident of the hatred between these two families, through their body actions. Their arms are folded, and they are not looking towards each other. A wide shot is used to portray how far apart they are.
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