Shakespear's Julius Caesar

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Outline for E.10 Semester Exam Essay

I. Introduction (strong thesis): In Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, there is an internal question of what is nobler. Is it to die with integrity? Or is it to live with compromised principles that do damage to oneself, others, or society? The answer to the question is a journey that life has taken one on. Living through the hard times and gaining knowledge is far better than dying knowing one had integrity. The true tragic heroes make it out when the going gets rough and doesn’t give up on changing the mind of people. Once someone dies, they can be easily forgotten. It is when someone makes something of their compromised principles that they are remembered.

II. Body Paragraph One:
1. To live is a gift and to exist is a burden.
2. The human race doesn’t realize that each and every person was to be put on this planet for a reason. Forgiving and forgetting is a big step into the world that most people need to accomplish. 3. As Brutus killed Caesar; he made the mistake of letting down his people. Once Brutus chose this path, he soon became aware that he will have to face the consequences of the damage. 4. Disagreeing with how Brutus handled his situation is highly reasonable. He would rather die than to live through it “Hold then my sword, and turn away thy face/ While I do run upon it. Wilt thou, Strato (V.v.47-48)? 5. If Brutus would have faced his consequences, then the people would realize that he meant the killing of Caesar to be good. 6. Antony sees through Brutus’s faults and comes to a belief about Brutus’s actions. 7. Antony shows that he can forgive Brutus for what he has done by remarking that Brutus “…was the noblest Roman of them all” (V.v.68). 8. Antony is a well-respected man throughout his kingdom. By letting go of Brutus’s faults, he demonstrates to the people that it’s okay to forgive Brutus. 9. Brutus died without realizing that he could the change the face of the people. He could of rose up...
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