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Why does Shakespeare continue to be included on the teaching lists for schools worldwide? Shakespeare’s language has shaped the way the generations after him speak and use their language. The large vocabulary shows people how to use their language better. Many phrases that we use today come from Shakespeare and his writings, they give richness to our language. If school students didn’t study Shakespeare’s works, then they would be lost for future generations, people wouldn’t know where our language originated and how it has changed since. It shows that the proper way of speaking English isn’t clumsy; it’s actually rich and vibrant.

Why, in NSW is Shakespeare a compulsory text? Because…

How many productions of Shakespeare are currently being performed in NSW and Australia? 13 in Australia and 7 are being played in NSW.

Why do filmmakers continue to re-imagine Shakespeare for film? Filmmakers continue to re-imagine Shakespeare for film because people have always been able to relate to the stories. Shakespeare’s writings may seem a bit “far-fetched” at times, but when you look at them closer they are everyday happenings, even in the modern world. People become attached to Shakespeare’s characters and in a sense, become involved in the plays-just by watching them. Filmmakers re-imagine them because they know that people get involved and love Shakespeare’s plays, what better way to make money then to re-imagine them!

What elements of Shakespeare make his plays relevant of irrelevant for a modern audience? Although many people in the modern audience can’t relate to Shakespeare’s plays, they have at least felt the feelings that the characters are experiencing. Feelings such as jealousy and hatred and even love are the ones that a modern audience can relate to. The plays may be irrelevant for a modern audience, if not modernised in some way as the language is difficult for people in modern day society to understand. This would create loss of concentration...
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