Shake your SENSA

Topics: Rhetoric, Emotion, Appeal to emotion Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Shake your SENSA
SENSA is a patented blend of scented sprinkles that when added to your food help you to lose weight. SENSA's debut commercial features women in white bikinis dancing on a beach and holding plates of food. While dancing the women shake containers of SENSA on the food as a narrator explains research results, and weight loss benefits of SENSA, three individuals then share how much weight they have lost using the product. This advertisement targets viewers who want to lose weight without altering their diet. The commercial contains rhetoric elements that appeal to viewers in various ways persuading them to buy the product. These appeals can be broken into three groups’ the ethical appeal, emotional appeal and logical appeal or the ethos, pathos, and logos. These three groups make a rhetorical triangle. A rhetorical triangle is typically represented by an equilateral triangle, suggesting that all elements are balanced, however in this commercial the logical element is more influential, making this rhetorical triangle more like a right triangle.

Ethos or the ethical appeals, are elements based upon the creditability and character of the author, company, or people in the advertisement. SENSA used two main ethical appeals to convince viewers their product is worth buying. The first source of credibility is the company and product name. SENSA is a trademarked name, with a patented formula and a creator who is a medical doctor; these facts give the company credence. SENSA has also been featured in, The New York Times, Times Magazine, and Dateline NBC further contributing to its reputable name. The second key ethical appeal is the testimonials. During the thirty-one second commercial three people tell the audience how much weight they have lost using SENSA, their results range from forty-five to sixty-seven pounds. This appeals ethically because it is proof the viewer can see, and if the SENSA name is trustworthy, then the people in the commercial can...
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