Shahnaz Hussain - a Successful Indian Woman Entrepreneur

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Shahnaz Hussain - A Successful Indian Woman Entrepreneur

Abstract :

The case discusses the growth of the Shahnaz Husain Group, one of the largest producers of ayurvedic and herbal products in the world. It begins with a personal profile of Shahnaz Husain and her idea of producing and marketing ayurvedic products as a substitute for chemical cosmetics, which, she believes, do more harm than good. It then traces the growth of her brand from a niche product in the Indian market to a brand retailed in most of the major stores around the world. The case focuses on the factors that make Shahnaz Husain products what they are and examines Shahnaz's business style. It also takes a look at the subsidiary and ancillary activities of the Group, like training institutes, Ayurvedic massage centers and health resorts


  Examine the qualities of Shahnaz Husain as an entrepreneur and their contribution to her success in business.


Shahnaz Husain Group, largest producers, ayurvedic, herbal products, world, personal profile, producing, marketing, ayurvedic products, substitute, chemical cosmetics, niche product, Indian market, brand retailed, major stores, Shahnaz Husain products, business style, subsidiary, ancillary activities, training institutes, Ayurvedic massage centers, health resorts "I do not sell products. I sell an entire civilization in a jar." - Shahnaz Husain.

"She lives, sleeps, breathes her business. She is consumed with building a successful company which she has done." - Janine Sharell, Correspondent, CNN.


She captured the markets around the world and now she wants to conquer space.

In an innovative move, Shahnaz Husain has started work on formulations that astronauts could carry with them in their extraterrestrial sojourns to protect their skin from the ravages of space travel and slow down the ageing process.

She has sent National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) free samples of her moisturizers, hoping that they will be used on space expeditions.

Shahnaz Husain is one of India's most successful women entrepreneurs. Her company, Shahnaz Husain Herbals is one of the largest manufacturers of herbal products in the world.  It formulates and markets over 400 products for various beauty and health needs and has a strong presence across the globe, from the USA to Asia.

In 2002, the Shahnaz Husain Group, based in New Delhi, was worth $100 million. It employed about 4200 people in 650 salons spread across 104 countries. The Group has seen a good growth rate in the 25 years that it has been in business. The average growth rate in the initial years (late 1970s to the early 1980s) was 15-20%. In the 1990s the average growth rate was 19.4%. 

A number of awards, both national and international have been conferred on Shahnaz Husain. Some of them are "The Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality", "One of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World", "The 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor", "Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award", etc. (Refer Exhibit I & II)

The making of entrepreneur

Shahnaz Husain belongs to a royal Muslim family which migrated from Samarkhand to India and later held high positions in the princely kingdoms of Bhopal and Hyderabad before India's independence. Shahnaz received her schooling in an Irish convent and because of the influence of her father, Chief Justice N.U. Beg, she developed a love for poetry and English Literature.

She thus had the advantage of growing up in a traditional family and receiving a modern education. She was married at the age of 15 and was a mother by the next year. When her husband was posted in Teheran, Iran, she developed an interest in beauty treatments and decided to study cosmetology. To support the expenses of the training financially, she wrote articles for the Iran Tribune on various topics under different names. In the course of her studies, she learnt of the harmful effects of chemicals on the human body....
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