Shahid Jatoi

Topics: Computer program, British Museum, Electronic engineering Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Importance of computer education

(Information Technology)

1. Uses and benefits of computer
2. Internet-our companion and teacher
3. A comprehensive means of acquiring knowledge
4. Combines knowledge with pleasure
5. Situation in Pakistan and other developing countries

Computers are slowly but steadily creeping into our lives. They have completely changed the complexion of our work and leisure. Now architects design our houses with the help of computers. Our pay bills and utility bills are prepared by computers. Today scientists, doctors, engineers, musicians, accountants, soldiers, businessmen, banker and almost everybody belonging to any field of life are using them in their day to day work. Even the books we are reading now has been typeset by computer, we can easily predict that within a few years we will come into contact with this fact and intelligent electronic “brain” in every office, on the way to and from work and in the home. Computers are now considered the most effective, accurate and comprehensive means of an acquiring knowledge on any topic. From our computer we can take an aerial tour Disneyland. We can get information from the British Museum Library or from the Library of Congress in America. With the proper equipment we can sit at our computer and communicate with someone anywhere in the world. With the help of our computers we can send e-mail, receive electronic newsletters even chat with others on line. Computer combines knowledge with pleasure. Play is a natural method of learning about something. Most of the computer programmes are such as teach children different languages and scientific facts through interesting games. By playing these games they learn how to make fantastic graphics, animations and sounds at the touch of a finger. In spite of the fact that information age has set in due to the invention of computers the situation in Pakistan is not so encouraging. Not only advanced countries like America, Britain, and...
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