Topics: Fiction, Short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: February 5, 2013
“Shadows” Response Essay
After reading Richard Pack’s short story, “Shadows”, Seth, a main character in “Shadows, is a very peculiar character. There were many parts of the short story “shadows” that proved that Seth could be both a real boy or a ghost. Personally I think that Seth is a real boy. I Think this because the narrator could hear Seth’s boots, Seth grew as the narrator did too, and Seth joined the Army.

First of all, the narrator herd Seth’s boots. I know this because the narrator claimed on page 9, paragraph 78, “I heard his boot on the floor, stealthy but real.” From reading this It shows that this is a significant detail to the story and the unknown perception of Seth. Also in the story the narrator talks about how most of the normal ghosts in the home, are un herd or don’t speak. Another important detail I came across, was that the narrator stated, “But I saw only the suggestion of bare feet.” on page 5, paragraph 27. This explains a good detail on how Seth is a real boy because as the narrator observes this new as thought spirit there are things that don’t make perfect sense about this character Seth. Most of the other ghost seem to be nicely dressed or in military uniform of gray color. From these details I think to myself how is it that this boy Seth is bare footed and not in the nicest clothing. In my mind and given details from what the narrator describes as to other ghosts is that through the story Seth gets new clothing and shoes. This shows that he can not be a ghost because if he truly died and was dead then he would have no supply of any new clothes except for the ones he was buried with. Furthermore, Seth grew with the narrator. I know Seth grew with the narrator because the narrator stated on page 7, paragraph 53, “ I was a long time noticing that as I grew so did Seth.” This detail from the story is important because it points out that Seth could not be a real ghost. I know Seth can’t be a real ghost because ghost don’t age...
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